Just showing those marked as Wagtail

Using Wagtail's ChooserViewSets without breaking default behaviour

A little tip to avoid the old head-scratching when using viewsets.

Adding an advanced table block to Wagtail

The native TableBlock that ships with Wagtail is great, but sometimes we need to go deeper.

Headless CMS with Contentful and Next.js

On being pleasantly surprised when using some new tech.

Google-friendly sitemaps for multilingual Wagtail sites

Multilingual Wagtail sites need a little help to conform to the Google Search Console sitemap format - here's how to do it.

Wagtailtrans and editing page siblings

Enhance the CMS UX experience when using Wagtailtrans by adding action menu buttons to edit translated page siblings.

Don’t show invalid options

Write a little extra code to help your CMS editors navigate the maze of content editing.

The intern test

Design your editing screens to help guide a new editor through the process as much as possible from the start.

Make everything editable

Keep everyone happy by making everything editable, reducing the need for developer input into minor text changes.

Querysets for Wagtail field panels

Ever wanted to pass a dynamic queryset to a Wagtail FieldPanel instead of static choices? Here's how to do it.

Adding footnotes to Wagtail

Adventures in adding a new footnote entity type to the native Wagtail rich text editor, Draftail.