Just showing those marked as UX

Twenty five years making websites

I built my first website in June 1996, and I haven't looked back. Until now of course.

Wagtailtrans and editing page siblings

Enhance the CMS UX experience when using Wagtailtrans by adding action menu buttons to edit translated page siblings.

Don’t show invalid options

Write a little extra code to help your CMS editors navigate the maze of content editing.

The intern test

Design your editing screens to help guide a new editor through the process as much as possible from the start.

Make everything editable

Keep everyone happy by making everything editable, reducing the need for developer input into minor text changes.

Verbose in the code, simple in the UI

Keep your UI field names simple for the CMS editor, whilst protecting against namespace collisions in the code.

Favour consistency over novelty

Ease the cognitive load by reusing familiar patterns.

UX for the CMS user

Tips which I find make life that little bit easier and understandable for CMS editors, and hopefully lead to better websites all round.

Adding footnotes to Wagtail

Adventures in adding a new footnote entity type to the native Wagtail rich text editor, Draftail.